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We all love to travel and when it’s a car ride you are even more excited, going down the road with beautiful landscape outside and soft music playing. What a memorable experience? Again partying out with friends, late at night and immediate plan to have a long drive, Music is again essential to keep the tempo up. Therefore, the important accessory’s your car is head unit and some great car speakers of course. The quality of speaker will give you the most amazing and enthralling experience. We always try to install the best of speakers and audio system in our car. Here a few of the best 6.5 car speakers on the market today. We usually install subwoofers as well, however if you are looking for smaller upgrade check out some of the best car speakers for bass here.

Image 6.5 Car SpeakerOverall Score
Polk Audio DB651 6.5-Inch Coaxial Car Speakers

Polk Audio DB651 6.5-Inch Coaxial Car Speakers

  Polk Audio was founded in 1972 in Baltimore, Maryland by three friends Matt Polk, George Klopfer and ...

RMS Power: 60
2 Rockford Fosgate Speakers  P165-S

Rockford Fosgate Speakers P165-S

Rockford Fosgate Speakers began its journey in the area of car audio in 1973, after determining the need of difference ...

RMS Power: 60
3 Pioneer TS-A1675R 6.5 Inches 3-Way Coaxial Car Speakers

Pioneer TS-A1675R 6.5 Inches 3-Way Coaxial Car Speakers

  Pioneer is a Japan based company and is in operation since 1928 and hence one of the oldest to be in the ...

RMS Power: 50
4 JBL GTO638 6.5-Inch Speakers

JBL GTO638 6.5-Inch Speakers

JBL has many years of experience in production of audio devices and hence, has a large markets share in the audio and ...

RMS Power: 60
5 Infinity Car Speakers Review – Infinity Reference 6032cf

Infinity Car Speakers Review – Infinity Reference 6032cf

Infinity Car Speakers journey begun in 1968 when 3 aerospace engineers with passion for speakers made their first ...

RMS Power: 60


What makes the best 6.5 car speakers?

Car speaker sizes

Car speakers sizesCar speakers come many different shapes and sizes. According to their sizes the sound quality differs. Bass in 10 inch speaker would always be much better than 1 inch speaker. But according to the make and model of the car, the speakers need to be chosen carefully to make sure they fit right in. The most popular ones are 6.5 car speakers and 6×9 car speakers. They fit into almost all car sizes and usually are plug and play.

Features of the car speakers:

Whenever we want to compare products of similar types we have a set of standards. Based on those thresholds we try and compare them. For mobile phones we have screen size and quality, battery life, operating system, etc. Similarly let us have a look at the features to be considered for the best 6.5 car speakers.

Frequency range: The sound frequencies the speaker can emit are known as the frequency range. The wider the frequency range, the better tuning can be done.

Power Handling: It is the amount of power which is needed to run the speakers and also the limit of the speakers beyond which it cannot handle the power. There are two types of power rating given to the speakers, RMS and Peak to Peak.

Sensitivity: The amount of sound the speaker can emit is called as sensitivity. The higher the sensitivity the lesser the power speaker will need.

Woofer: the responsiveness and quality of material determine the quality of speaker. In maximum speakers, propylene is used, but on a general level woofer material should be light weight and stiff to give the best results. Woofer is what makes best car speakers for bass since good woofer is essential to provide good bass quality.

Crossovers: to avoid the distortion of signal due to crossover of the wiring, it preferred to have an external crossover for the speakers.


Other components of car speakers

Tweeter car speakersTweeters:

They produce high frequencies usually from 2 000 Hz to 20 000 Hz. They are usually made from  silicone, Horn, Plasma, Ion, etc.



M-165KRX3_1Mid range Speakers:

These produce the mid level frequencies which are between 300 Hz to 5000 Hz. They are often called squawker.





They amplify the electrical signal, thus giving a high sound level in the speakers. A lot of speakers won’t play their best unless they are connected through an amplifier, if you are looking for best car speakers for bass then you should definitely consider adding a amplifier, not only will you get better bass, but overall much higher sound quality as well as louder performance.


There are many other components, but the most important ones are as mentioned above. 6.5 car speakers is the most popular size of speakers, because they usually have good performance, are relatively cheap car speakers and are easy to fit in most cars.

There are various genres present like jazz, rock, classical. They all vary from each other on the various frequencies that are fixed for them. To get all these genres in your speakers, it should have a wide frequency range. Having a wide frequency range also ensures fine tuning of the speakers.


Audio Outputs: every car speaker has two types of output, one for the pre amp levels and other for speaker output. Pre amp gives low level output, whereas the speaker output gives a high output with high power and current outputs.






Equalizers: There are many types of equalizers in the car audio systems. Lets take a look at some of most popular right now.

Pioneer AVH-4100NEX Head Unit Equalizer

Pioneer AVH-4100NEX

The most widely used is graphic equalizer. Graphic equalizers show a graphic representation of various frequency band s present in the audio speaker. Usually the high frequencies are towards the left and go on reducing towards the right. As and how the frequencies are changed, a part of the frequency goes on decreasing and this can be easily observed on the equalizer. This helps in knowing exactly what frequency are we changing, whether it is bass or treble and this easily helps in fine tuning the sound from the speakers.




Planet Audio PEQ15 5 Band Parametric Equalizer

Planet Audio PEQ15 5 Band Parametric Equalizer

Parametric equalizers are another type of equalizers. It works almost similar to the graphic equalizer except this gives an option to change the audio band up or down. The Q point of the frequency can also be changed. The only drawback observed in the parametric equalizer is that it has lesser frequency bands compared to graphic equalizer. This may give some distortions in the sound. But when adjusted to its working, fine tuning can also be done.



Soundstream Harmony 31-Band DSP

Soundstream Harmony 31-Band DSP

DSP based equalizers are used in the modern digitalized audio systems installed in cars. The files in the audio system are in digital format. An IC in the system then converts this digital audio into analog audio and then it is played through the speaker. The advantage of DSP based equalizers is that they need not be set according to the genres, but the options are already in place. Only if we want anything out of box, we then have to adjust or else everything is already set. They also have feedback mechanism in this type of equalizer. There is a microphone which records the output and then it is uses its input and original audio. If there is any distortion, it senses it and changes the equalization accordingly. This is called automatic equalization.




blown-speaker-voice-coil-300x225Voice coil: voice coil is a wires coil in the speakers which produces magnetic field when a current is passed through it. Due to this, a movement is created in the speaker. When the coil changed it polarity, either a up or down movement takes place in the speaker. This movement of air then gives out the electrical signal as a mechanical signal in the form of sound.



car amp wiring diagramAmplifier Bridging: It is done to drive load of two channels to the amplifier. It is beneficial to drive one load with two power sources. It happens in a way that when the voice coil is given more voltage, more output is produced and in turn, the volume too is increased. To get this more voltage, bridging in done. When only one source is used in that case mono is used.


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    I usually just head over to Amazon and read the reviews. For the most part, they are very accurate and some people talk about how much they pound the speakers so you know what type of workout they are getting.

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