Kenwood DPX500BT


Kenwood is also a brand who is known for their head units and for reasonable prices. It comes equipped with an in-day AM/FM receiver as well as a CD, MP3 and a receiver for USB with a remote. It comes with Pandora which is can integrate your car’s radio iPod or iPhone using Pandora. Hands-free Bluetooth technology so that you can stream music and talk on the phone at your convenience.

This Kenwood double din unit also comes with iPod controls that gives you the option to use the controller on the iPod or the stereo itself it has three preamp outputs that will provide you with a more expanded system. This head unit also has a 3.5 mm auxiliary jack which makes it easy for you to connect any type of device.

Kenwood Remote Control DPX500BT DPX300U KDC-BT955HD KDC-BT855U KDC-BT755HD KDC-655U KDC-BT555U KDC-HD455U KDC-355U KDC-255U KDC-155U KDC-105U KMM-100U

If you are in the market for head unit with a lot of functions and connection options, this Kenwood's model will satisfy your needs.


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