5 Things Not To Do When Email Marketing

Email Marketing Campaigns are, without a doubt, the best way you can generate leads for your business. But like everything else, they can only really help if and when you execute them successfully. There are a number of mistakes you can make when you are managing an email marketing campaign and knowing what they are will help you avoid them.

In this post, we’ll look at the five biggest mistakes you can make that you should most definitely not do.
1) Spamming
I’m sure we don’t have to spell this out for you, but spamming is simply not good. It’s not going to help your campaign in any way at all.
If you send spam emails, you will find that your subscribers will unsubscribe and on top of that, you might get in trouble with the authorities. The internet is absolutely filled with spam filters that are monitored by internet regulators who will not hesitate to take punitive action against you if you are spamming people.
Instead, send carefully constructed, meaningful emails at a regular schedule and engage with your subscribers on a personal level.

2) Having Bland Subject Lines
The subject line is to your email what a title is to a book, essentially. People aren’t going to be opening your emails if the subject lines aren’t interesting.
So, take advantage of the subject line field and the multiple ways you can spice up subject lines – FOMO subject lines, curiosity subject lines, sloth subject lines, direct subject lines and more – to craft clever subject lines that will hook your recipients’ and make them want to read your emails.
In addition, you can also use personalization on your subject lines and directly address your subscribers for added allure.

3) Not Segmenting Your List
Email List Segmentation is the act of breaking down your list into a few different categories based on key factors about your subscribers like location, age, occupation and others.
Segmenting your email list makes it easier for you to send content that is meaningful and relevant to your subscribers. If you haven’t segmented your list, you’ll be sending all your emails to everyone or you’ll have to manually select which emails to send to whom – both options are terrible for different reasons.

4) Ignoring Your Mobile Audience
Around 50% of email opens in 2018 came from mobile devices. That’s a fact you should not ignore.
If your emails aren’t formatted to display properly across the multiple varieties of mobile devices available on the market today, you are potentially alienating about 50% of your audience. You don’t want to do that. Instead, ensure all graphics scale and fit as necessary, keep the subject line within a certain word/character limit and make sure whatever code you use is optimized for your smaller screens.

5) Not Cleaning Your Lists
The unfortunate reality about email marketing is that of the thousands and thousands of emails you might have collected, a large portion is almost sure to be fake emails. Then, you also have to consider that even those contacts who have given you their actual email addresses will lose interest as time passes.
This is why cleaning your list is a very important part of email marketing campaigns and not cleaning your list often can be a critical error on your part. Uncleaned lists will lead to a decrease in your open rates, click rates and deliverability score and more. This is why it’s wise to have retained the services of an email list cleaning company.

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