8 great gift ideas from cheap to extravagant

We all get a little tired of coming up with gift ideas every now again – it can become really tedious and frustrating very quickly, especially if you don’t know the person you’re buying for very well.

It’s also difficult to find something that looks amazing, but is within a reasonable budget that you don’t have to hang on by a thread until your next payday.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered with our list of 8 great gift ideas that are generic enough to be perfect for anyone, but cool enough to feel like you’ve made an effort.

Whether you’re buying for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or even a thank you present, we have the gifts to massively help you out right here.

Let’s get started.

Honestly, who doesn’t love a little Lego project? No matter the age, gender, or personality of your gift receiver – they’re likely to love a fun Lego build.

The official shop has such a huge variety to choose from that you’re bound to find the perfect gift – and there’s a $25 and under section which is great for those buying on a budget.

So whether you’d like to gift a car, Halloween or even a Harry Potter set – it’s all there waiting for you! (Just be careful not to accidentally spend loads on yourself like I always do).

Fun flavored vodka
Have a friend or partner who likes the odd fun alcoholic drink? We’ve found the perfect gift for them that won’t break your bank but is still a little more adventurous than the usual bottle of wine or selection of beers.

Marshmallow vodka may sound a little strange, but it’s super tasty and perfect for those who also have a bit of a sweet tooth.

It comes in a gorgeous pink-toned bottle and is made of five-times distilled Italian vodka. Sounds good, right? And priced at just $30.99 a bottle, you really can’t go wrong.

A reusable water bottle
This year’s climate summit has woken the majority of the world up to the reality of climate change and persuaded them to make small changes to create a big difference- including the use of a reusable water bottle.

A shocking 60 million water bottles end up in landfills and incinerators every day, so giving the gift of protecting the environment is now a huge deal to everyone.

A Kool8 water bottle is a great choice – it keeps hot drinks hot for 12 hours, and cold drinks cold for 24.

Plus, 20% of every sale is donated to help underprivileged areas receive access to clean water. A double whammy of a gift, right? At just $34.99 a bottle, Kool8 water bottles are not only saving the planet but saving users a lot of money on plastic bottled water, too. By the way, some reviewers have mentioned this is NOT a huge bottle. So now what you’re getting into upfront.

Custom star map
For a gift you can give to anyone that is still highly personalized, give Twinkle in Time a try. This super cool company creates 18×24 inch star maps which show exactly how the stars were aligned on the date of your choosing.

You may want to choose the person’s birthday if it’s a friend or colleague, but for a significant other, you may want to choose your wedding anniversary or even your first date.

These maps take a matter of seconds to order on the Twinkle in Time website and are currently priced at just $55 each with free delivery.

A retro camera
As much as we all love our smartphones, sometimes there isn’t anything better than a good old fashioned snap. A polaroid snap touch camera is the best possible update to the camera that your gift receiver probably held so dear in their younger years.

Pictures can be taken and printed in less than a minute which is super convenient and fun. The camera comes in a variety of bright colors and starts at $87.

This item was also included on CoolThingsChicago’s best birthday gift ideas guide here.

A new wallet
Did you know that many people actually consider it to be bad luck to buy their own wallet? If your friend, partner or work colleague has been clinging on to the same broken and old one for what seems like years now, they may be in the firm belief that they shouldn’t buy themselves a new one.

This is your time to shine! Browse through the selection at My Walit and find the perfect new leather wallet for your gift receiver. The most expensive women’s option comes in at $138.00, so a little pricey, but great for spoiling a loved one.

Make sure to put a coin into it before passing it to them for ultimate good luck.

Hair tools
This one is (mostly) for the ladies, but is a luxurious gift to give to anyone who loves to take care of their locks.

A pair of ghd hair straighteners are an absolute essential for anyone who’s into looking after themselves. Some products currently come with a free gift, too, to bulk up your gift.

The Platinum+ ink on pink styler is a fabulously fashionable gift for anyone who likes smooth, shiny hair without the damage.

A pair comes in at $249 but is 100% worth the price tag- ghd styling products last years for those who look after them well.

For those fitness-obsessed people in your life, a pedometer is definitely the way to go. Whether you always see them wearing gym kit or they’re constantly talking about how many calories they’re eating, handing them their own steps tracker on a special occasion is a great gift idea.

Consider the Omron Heart Guide, $499, as listed in Healthcare Weekly’s Top 8 Pedometers of the Year- it doesn’t only count your steps, but measures your blood pressure, counts the calories you eat and tracks your sleep, too.

The gym freaks in your life will really love this one, but just don’t be surprised when you start receiving daily step updates.