All that you need to know about reverse phone lookup

When you receive a text or a phone call from an unknown number, you really want to know who it is, and we totally understand the level of curiosity! According to a poll, Americans have lost almost $8.6 billion due to scamming phone calls. This is a huge loss! Not to forget, headlines regarding harassment over texts and calls have been flashing all around. Every 1 in 4 teenager has faced bullying over calls and texts, so we know that it is important to know who it really is behind those scam calls and text messages.

Companies like Checkthem have recently began to solve this issue. They offer reserve phone lookup services to you online! Checkthem is a reputable company that you can put your trust in when looking out for such information. All you got to do this enter the 10 digit number in the search bar, press the search button, and you are good to go! Yes, it is that simple. You will receive all the relevant information regarding the number within seconds and if that information is not enough for you, the option of comprehensive search is also available. It will allow you to get detailed information the phone number.

Does the phone lookup really work?

Checkthem confidently says that their reverse phone lookup works for sure. The best thing about the company is that they keep updating their databases and repeatedly check their systems as they want to deliver service of the highest quality to their customers. The service is completely free if you are performing a basic search. Even if you do decide to upgrade the service, you will be guaranteed excellent service as always.

Knowing the identity of the caller is not difficult, Checkthem uses information provided by North American Numbering Plan (NANP) and essential information is available to you when you want to look up for it. Business numbers may be more difficult to search for as compared to residential numbers. Factors that may impact the search include the time that the telephone line has been used for and also how many times the number has been given out to people. Checkthem makes sure that it incorporates the latest public records into their databases to make the latest information accessible to its customers. It is determined to deliver the best service to its customers.
Is it even legal?

Nobody wants to cross the line in wanting to know who the person behind those scam phone calls and texts was. We assure that this service is completely legal in the United States. There is no restriction regarding the device you want to search for, be it a landline or a mobile device. Other countries may have some restrictions when it comes to this service, like United Kingdom, so you want make sure that you are adhering to the laws of the country that you are in. To stay safe, just read the terms and conditions that are mentioned!