Anker Compact Jump Starter

During the morning travel through the highways, there are greater battles to be faced. For instance, as the driver of a car and its owner, you should be ready to face the cutthroat drivers, intolerable highway construction works and mechanical failures of your vehicle. There are greater chances of the vehicle fighting back against you and it can stop all of a sudden. On anybody’s travel plan, things like a dead car battery without any way to get help can be something that can put a damper. However, to get vehicle owners out of these troubles, there is a portable charger and compact car jump starter from Anker and here is a review of such a unit with its model number as AK-A1501011.


This unit from Anker comes as a kit and also a carrying case to easily organize the things. In the carrying case, you will be able to find jumper cable attachment, micro USB cable, main battery pack unit, a 12-volt wall charger to charge the battery through the input on the side.

Charging ability:

The main battery pack has the capacity to store 10,000 mAh power, which is sufficient to charge most tablets from 0-100 percent and also this unit can bring an average smartphone to life. This pack has an excellent plastic casing with portions of soft plastic to hold the unit in place. There is a blue LED meter on the side to show the level of power and this is show in increments of 25 percent. One end of the unit has a power button and also a bright light live on the edge nearest to it. There is a rubber flap with words ‘engine start’ printed on it. It covers the plug, where the cable of the jumper gets in contact with the battery pack.

Anker Compact Car Jump Starter Thumb

How about the performance?

To turn on the flashlight, you will have to hold the power button down for a second. Pressing the button once again will alternate the LED to blink off and on. This will help in emergency situations to call for help.

USB Ports:

The Anker Compact Car Jump Starter features a couple of USB ports that are rated up to 5V/2.1A. When the unit was tested, it was found that the starter was able to charge a tablet device quickly. In the case of a tablet with 6800 mAh battery, it charges around 24 percent per hour to charge and also in a phone with 2300 mAh, within an hour, the charge reached 65 percent higher level. However, when charging both devices together, it was found that the charging time is longer and the unit alternatively gives importance to one unit over the other when two devices are charged at the same time.

The negative thing about this Anker Compact Car Jump starter is that it was not able to jump start larger engines.


This Anker Compact Car Jump Starter has got enough features to keep your car moving and if you are the owner of a compact or medium sized car, this can be the best investment to make.