Best Competition Subwoofers of 2018

Competition subwoofers bring to you impressive benefits especially when these are compared to available standard subwoofers and the reason being their high power as well as output specifications. Buyers must consider such potent subwoofers for different types of competition and also for delivering extraordinary audio experience which has to be extremely impactful. Competition subwoofers are available in large varieties in both prices and specifications. Here’s 4 of the best competition subwoofer you can buy. You can get some of them as low as 450$ while the top of the line cost upwards of 1000$.

Massive Audio Hippo84-8 Inch Car Audio 1,000 Watt Hippo Series Competition Subwoofer,...

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$ 119.95

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Orion HCCA102 HCCA Black Coil Series 10” Sub Woofer 4000 Watts MAX...

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$ 389.00

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Skar Audio VVX-8v3 D4 8" 800 Watt Max Power Dual 4 Ohm...

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The Best Competition Subwoofers of 2017

  • VM Audio ECW100 Subwoofer
  • VM Audio ECW100 Competition subwoofer
  • Competition Subwoofer Close Shot VM Audio ECW150
  • Vm Audio Competitive Subwoofer Top of the line subwoofer

This is a pretty compact approach towards big bass performance because it measures hardly ten inches making them much easier to integrate in truck or car audio system for experiencing power of competition-grade. Performance features of VM Audio ECW150 include mechanical suspension system containing high-thrust in addition to wide surround as a result of high excursion.

Such subwoofers give you not only finely-tuned but clearest audio as well. It is because of this reason that they have invented linear-flex spider featuring subwoofer in order to ensure low frequency notes so that best clarity is maintained. Further, dynamic cone with high-magnitude increases accuracy of such incredibly good subwoofers. They are built primarily for preserving low frequencies integrity in music but they continue offering power that users look for.


  • ORION HCCA152 High quality subwoofer
  • ORION HCCA152 Powerfull Sub

Competition subwoofer from Orion comes with Twenty-five hundred watts RMS power rating along with five thousand watts of nominal power rating. These have 15.6 inches mounting hole diameter in addition to mounting depth whose range is twelve inches. Such Orion subwoofers are biggest in addition to being hard core competition subwoofers that one can get from Orion. They are set for wide range of SPL performances with 4000 watt range peak.

These subwoofers from Orion are world leaders when considering features that competition subwoofers should have. They feature high temperature amide resin along with polyester amide voice coil. These competitive subwoofers have been surrounded with rubber tri-radius symmetrical along with polypropylene cone woofer. Their sensitivity measures 87.2 dB. One replacement kit will also be given in case users blow these subwoofers. Orion lets users swap out burned or may be blown voice coil, hence replacing them with fresh ones.



  • JBL W12GTI MKII Great competition subwoofer for great price
  • JBL W12GTI MKII Excellent subwoofer for the money
  • JBL W12GTI MKII competition subwoofer side picture

Differential Drive Designed motor that is offered by JBL is primary feature of competition subwoofers from the company leveraging not only voice coils that are with dual functionality but also neo- dynamic magnetic field having potential to deliver peak power ranging to 4000 watts. Subwoofer from JBL makes use of high quality pro-grade materials that also include aluminium frame, quality cone of Kevlar, in addition to the nitrile butadiene rubber provided for subwoofer’s surroundings.

Such subwoofers are no doubt amazing. Wide range of high-tech materials has to be utilised for construction of JBL subwoofers such as Kevlar cone, cast-aluminium frame, in addition to NBR (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber). They are subwoofers including differential drive type motor along with symmetrical field geometry that ensures minimum distortion along with linear cone travel. Dual impedance ranging to six ohm is also provided. Here the voice coil measurement is three inches whereas frequency response is somewhere between 18 Hz-1000 Hz. To add to this buyers are provided manufacturer warranty with this subwoofer that is for one year.


  • Cerwin-Vega SPRO122D best Competition subwoofer
  • Cerwin-Vega SPRO122D Top compition subwoofer of 2015
  • Cerwin-Vega SPRO122D Top of the line competitive subwoofer in our test

Another name of Cerwin Vega SPRO112D subwoofer is Stroker and this competitive subwoofer features triple-stacked magnet with high-density for delivering peak power that ranges to 4000 watts along with RMS ranging to 2000 watts. It includes Basket frame that is of industrial-grade, in addition to dual-mirror along with extra-large spiders for ensuring that these competitive subwoofers remain judder-free, stable even for performances requiring very high-volumes. These are available in black ribbed designing which is present on its semi-pressed cone. In order to get cooled immediately, users would experience its elevated motor structure. This product is surrounded by moulded foam full-roll and durable injection.

They are available with one year manufacturer warranty having impedance of two ohms. The subwoofers are upgraded in addition to being redesigned for staying in pace with current music world expectations. As users already know subwoofer system is completely about pressure. Since maximum amount of air gets compressed inside vehicle, its sound pressure level measurements would be higher. This Awesome competition subwoofer is truly one of the best subwoofers on the market today, although being in the higher price range (about 1000$) it delivers really impressive value for money.


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