Best Exhaust Systems for SUVs in 2020

Modifying your SUV is a great way to make it your own. You can personalize your vehicle to match your unique desires and even improve its performance or comfort. If you are new to this concept, it may be hugely intimidating to modify your vehicle. Some parts of the exhaust system are actually among the easiest to modify, making it a great place to start. Before you get started, however, you should be aware of two things. First, there are two types of exhaust replacement projects you can do: Axle-back and cat-back. Replacing the parts from the axle to the back of the car is relatively simple, but replacing the parts from the catalytic converter to the back is much harder. You should start with an axle-back project. Second, you should find replacement parts that are designed for your car specially. For example, you can find a 2019 Ram 1500 performance exhaust part.

Performance Enhancing

Replacing parts of your exhaust system can improve the performance of your SUV. This is because the rate the exhaust escapes the vehicle limits how much power the engine can produce. While any part of the exhaust system can be replaced to improve flow, from the exhaust manifold to the mid-pipes, there are two parts in particular which are usually replaced:

• The muffler
• The catalytic converter

A straight-through muffler is exactly what it sounds like. The muffler is a straight pipe, which allows the exhaust to flow straight through while reducing the noise. Compare this to a chambered muffler and it is obvious why it improves the flow so effectively. Likewise, a performance catalytic converter is designed with flow in mind. Keep in mind, however, that the state manages which catalytic converters can and cannot be used. This part removes toxins from the exhaust, so it must comply with your state’s regulations. You will have to research this aspect before buying a catalytic converter.

Noise Reduction

The other reason someone might modify their exhaust system is to increase the noise reduction. This can make it more enjoyable to drive the car. Alternatively, you might want to customize the type of noise your SUV makes. You might prefer a low rumble or a higher pitch. Performance and noise are usually closely linked. If you improve your SUV’s performance, it will likely be louder. Likewise, reducing the noise will probably hurt your efficiency, power, and even fuel economy, if only slightly. Some mufflers are designed to take a middle ground, providing some noise reduction and some flow efficiency, but a muffler cannot excel at both.

Whether you are looking for Dodge Challenger or Ford F-150 exhaust systems, you can find aftermarket exhaust parts to really make your SUV your own. Once you have taken the plunge and replaced a few parts from your exhaust system, you may feel more confident replacing parts from another of your SUV’s systems. It is possible to make some really impressive improvements with just a little money, know-how, and a desire to customize your vehicle.