Top Five Best Jumper Cables

One of the most sickening problems with personal cars the battery is likely to die. It might not happen now – or tomorrow – but certainly, it will at one point or the other. The guarantee that your car’s battery may fail to function at any point during your trip is somewhat a burdensome problem. However, if you have some jumper cables, it should not be difficult for you to jump-start a dead battery from another car. Alternatively you should have a jump starter in your car so that you can jump start your car without any help.

One of the common beliefs about jumper cables is that they usually do the same job. That’s, however, not true at all, and believing that all jumper cables are equal is the best way to be stranded alongside the highway. Following is a review of top five best jumper cables to help you choose the best for your car as well as the car(s) belonging to your family members.


5 of The Best Jumper Cables Reviewed

Coleman Cable 08660 Heavy-Duty 4-Gauge Jumper Cables 20 Feet

Coleman Heavy Duty Long Jumper Cables

Coleman Cable is an American jumper cables company weighing 6.1 pounds. The jumper cable works perfect for side and top post batteries, and it is best for warm as well as cold climates.  The device isn’t just versatile and easy to use; it is also safe. Of course, safety is an aspect difficult to compromise. As such, manufacturers have coated the surfaces of the clamps to prevent short-circuiting.

Moreover, they’ve further recessed the surfaces of the device to protect against accidental contacts. What make the Coleman Cable useful is it serves as a heavy-duty cable with a Road Power’s trademark coating. Because Coleman jumper cables are the strongest resistor grades available on the market today, they can resist not only chemicals and rain but also motor oils.

Coleman Heavy Duty Jumper Cables 4-Gauge

Fits top and side post batteries, extended jaw contains grooves that help lock it in place. Ergonomically designed handles makes handling easier for everyone. Engineered for warm and cold climates. (Polar-Glo) Polarity labels glow in the dark. Made in America.



OxGord 4 Gauge 500 Amp Extra Long 25 Feet Heavy Duty Jumper Cables

 OxGord 4 gauge heavy duty long jumper cables for car, boat, truck etc.

These are a very nice, heavy duty extra thick set of cables. Definitely worth the bang for your buck when you factor in the price of these cables. I know they are not the top of the line cables but will get me outta in pinch I can imagine myself in. I am by no means an expert on cables. I have owned a few cheap sets from the auto store in the past, never really had to use them but having them handy is always nice. I was in need of a replacement set and decided on these. I have only tested them at the house and so far that work perfectly.

We used them to jump off a car with a completely dead battery with no issues and then we decided to test out our spare winch and uses these as the power for our 9500 pound winch. No issues with power being less than capable. They are definitely produce enough power and are more than long enough for what we need in the Jeep and on the boat. No complaints here! Great heavy duty long jumper cables for the price.

OxGord Heavy Duty Long Jumper Cables

When your car or truck needs a boost, the Cartman Extra Heavy-Duty Booster Cables are the safest way to transfer power from a 12/24-volt automobile battery. The easy-to-use, no-tangle cables have T-Prene coating for flexibility and easy storage. They feature special clamps with triple-polarity identification that is color-coded.


Energizer 4-Gauge Heavy Duty Jumper Cables 16 Ft

Energizer 4 gauge heavy duty car jumper cables

The 16 Ft jumper cable falls into the category of the extra long jumper cables.  The length of the cable gives sufficient distance between vehicles, and the clamps are wide enough for easy placement in batteries. The 40Gauge isn’t just cheap; it also comes with a beautiful carrying case. The length of the cable is perfect for maintaining a close to but less than 2% drop in voltage for a 12-volt system.

The features of the 4-Gauge Jumper Cable include copper clad aluminum, heavy-duty injection clamps, and high quality, flexible cable. The device’s cable will remain stable even at negative 40 Degree Celsius. Moreover, the device is suitable for side as well as top batteries. The price looks good per se, but these cables aren’t this cheap in a local car accessories store, so you should consider buying from Amazon, instead.

Energizer 4-Gauge Jumper Cables

Energizer professional series heavy duty jumper cables for all vehicle types plus full size trucks, vans and SUVs. All weather use.


Iron Forge Tools – Extra Long 20 Foot Jumper Cables with Carry Bag Iron Forge Tools Extra Long Jumper Cables

The cables look quite pretty, but their sturdiness is what makes them the best 4-Gauge jumper cables on the market today. The device fits well on side and top post batteries, it has sufficient Copper Coated Aluminum, and it is the best low temperature resistant cable available. It does come with a useful, long-lasting, luxurious bag; actually, the bag is free.

The length is perfect; it gives sufficient distance between cars. The cables are cheap. So cheap, in fact, you are likely to think that they won’t work best for you. The thickness and flexibility is up to the par. Overall, 20-Foot Jumper cables are the best devices to purchase.

Iron Forge Tools Jumper Cables

When your car, truck, motorcycle or other vehicle needs a boost, you’ll be ready with this booster cable kit. Iron Forge Tools’ tangle-free, color-coded jumper cables are easy-to-use and will have your vehicle up and running in no time. The 20 foot cables allow ample room for connecting one vehicle to the other.



Capri Tools Extra Long Jumper Cables, 4 AWG, 20 ft long

Capri Tools UL-Listed Booster Jumper Cables, 4 AWG, 20 ft extra long car jumper cables

If you are looking for an essential jumper cable that works well for cars and trucks, you should but this one. You can buy this for personal car or family vehicle. If you own a heavy-duty truck that works in the fields every day –or occasionally – you might find this device quite useful for jump-starting dead vehicle batteries.

Capri jumper cable is a heavy-duty booster that not only features a PVC coating for safety but also comes a 10-year warranty and a high quality, durable storage bag. The cables are long, about 20-feet long, so it should be possible to jump-start your battery even in unusual locations or positions.

Capri Tools Long Jumper Cables

This is an essential tool for anyone with a car or truck, and it can get you out of sticky situations so that you don't have to wait for a tow truck. These cables are 4-gauge copper and 20 feet long (67% longer than regular sets), which makes them along enough to jump automobiles in unusual positions such as an automobile parked behind a truck or car.




A good pair of cables will have a nice thick gauge that can handle bigger batteries, copper or copper-plated connectors, surge protection (because otherwise you could end up with two dead cars), quality insulation, and be long enough to easily reach your battery and the battery of another car.

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