How To Use a Virtual Phone Number for Business Expansion

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Looking for ways to use a virtual phone number for business expansion or marketing projects? In this article, we’ll cover some of the most commonly used and effective methods to help your business establish itself in new global markets.

Virtual Offices

Virtual offices are created using online collaboration platforms, project management systems, virtual phone numbers, company-specific applications, and many other technologies to streamline functioning.

By incorporating a virtual phone number with other Internet-based forms of communication, such as instant messaging, online collaboration forums, company-specific applications, optimized websites, and comprehensive e-commerce solutions, your business can expand its operations to nearly every country in the world, while also targeting hyper-specific markets that are receptive to your business’ services and products.

Testing New Market Viability with Virtual Phone Numbers

One of the biggest challenges of expanding your business and managing new projects is that it can be risky and resource-intensive to establish a brick and mortar presence in new markets. Often, there are variables that need to be accounted for in your customer base, such as the receptivity of your brand. Luckily, virtual phone numbers offer the best way to do your research and due diligence before you decide to establish a branch office, for example.

By offering a virtual phone number for potential customers to call, as well as pairing a virtual phone number with an add-on called “outbound calling,” your business can gain a real indication of its viability without a physical presence. If your brand doesn’t catch on in new markets, you gain critical data and information that can influence whether you have to revise your marketing strategy or look elsewhere. And if your business does gain traction, setting up a physical presence means that the transition is less risky, with a customer base already established and ready to do business with your organization.

Reinventing Your Business Model with Add-Ons

Virtual phone numbers are great in and of themselves, but you should know that many qualified service providers, such as Global Call Forwarding, Koala Calling, and AI Telephone offer a fair number of add-ons that can drastically alter how your business expands its operations. These add-ons alter how your business can expand and scale its operations. Let’s take a look at a few examples:

Time of Day Routing for Easy Streamlining

Time of day routing, a popular add-on, enables businesses the ability to alter how calls are routed depending on the time of day that the call is placed. This means that businesses can offer 24/7 accessibility, even with limited hours of operation. For instance, if a call is placed outside of operating hours, it can be rerouted to another call processing center.

Call Recording for Record-Keeping and Quality Assurance

Call recording is another popular add-on which is exactly as its name implies. Call Recording records inbound and outbound conversations made on particular virtual phone numbers. It stores them in the cloud for later review. For large businesses that may not have the ability to manage how their employees handle calls, call recording is an excellent feature. It enables businesses to ensure that customer service protocols are met and potential liability issues are avoided. Furthermore, to comply with international guidelines, businesses that operate in the financial sectors (i.e. insurance, banking, etc.) need call recording to ensure compliance with various international regulations, such as GDPR.

Create Automatic Organization with a PBX
Last but not least, a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) creates an automatic directory for your virtual phone number. This can help your business handle a large volume of callers without expending manpower for each call. When callers reach your phone number, they are greeted with an automated dialing system to navigate. This means that customers can find the information they’re looking for without speaking to an operator or leaving messages on voicemails. At the same time, it allows them to reach the department they need by dialing the appropriate extension. When paired with another add-on, Integrated Voice Response (IVR), customers can navigate with their voice. This further increases the ability of customers to easily obtain the information they need, enabling your business to conserve resources.

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