Importance Of Nutrition In Sports

When you think about improving your physique or fitness level for sports, then exercise is probably the first thing that comes to your mind. Did you know that almost thirty percent of your fitness is exercise and the rest of the seventy percent includes nutrition? Yes! That’s right! No matter how much exercise you are doing, if your diet isn’t proper, then you won’t be able to see results. If you are an athlete and you want to maintain your body, then read this article. It is important for you to understand the importance of nutrition in sports.

Protein should be added regularly in your diet. Reason is because firstly, it repairs the muscle tissue damaged by the exercise or the sports you play. Secondly, it makes your muscle grow and adds strength in you. Good protein sources include chicken, fish, spinach, carrots, beans and a few others.

If you are on a high protein diet, then you need to eat a lot of vegies. It is because with high protein going inside your body, chances are that you might be constipated. These fresh vegies will help you clean your body. Not just that but it has other affects as well such as it cleans your skin and stabilizes the hormones inside your body. They also help in repairing the muscle tissue after it has been damaged.

No matter what you are eating or whatever diet you are following, fruits are must. They are must because they fulfill all the vitamin needs inside your body and also clean your skin. They have good carbohydrates which will help you in your workout and sport. They will provide you energy. If you eat it fifteen to twenty minutes before your sport, it will give you enough energy. Some of the fruits are oranges, apples, bananas etc.

Water plays a major role whole you are working on your physique. It keeps you hydrated and prevents you from being dehydrated. It also helps you in cleansing your skin. Drinking water will provide you energy and increase your metabolism as well. You should drink almost thirty ounce of water after every half an hour and make sure that you drink water fifteen minutes before your workout or sport.

Post workout:
If you take high protein, water and some vegetables in this meal, you are good to go. Protein, water and vegetables combined will recover your torn muscle fibers recover faster. You can have fish, chicken, with a fruit such as banana and a lot of vegetables such as broccoli and cucumber. This will be a perfect meal for you and will help you in muscle recovery.

Make sure that you keep a count of the calories, protein and fat intake of your over all day. Eat clean, eat healthy so that you can give your best!
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