Infinity Reference 6032cf

If you’re in the market for new car speakers and you want high quality for a good price, you’ll benefit from learning about Infinity Reference 6.5 Car Speakers. These renowned car speakers do have great sound and they are well-made by a respected company with a strong and established reputation. Today, we’re going to talk about the specific features of these designs, which may also be known as INFINITY REFERENCE 6032cf speakers…

Features of These Speakers

To get our Infinity Reference 6032cf review going, let’s talk about exactly what these car speakers provide to owners. In terms of what you’ll get, you’ll find that you receive a couple of 6032cf speakers, as well as a couple of mounting brackets. In addition, you’ll receive a couple of mounting gaskets, as well as a set of tape for foam mounting. You’ll also receive information on how to install and use these speakers and warranty information.infinity reference 6032cf

In terms of features, expect a lot of bang for your buck. These speakers are typically very affordable, but they still pack a punch due to their great sound quality. The two-way car speakers are designed for locations which measure six and three-quarter inches and six and a half inches, respectively. This system also includes a woofer cone which is made from molded polypropylene. The woofer cone features rubber surround of the hi-roll type. As well, this system comes with a dome tweeter which is edge-driven – it’s a UniPivot design.


When you choose Infinity Reference 6.5 car speakers, you’ll access four ohm impedance performance. The speakers deliver two ohms of impedance, while the speaker wire delivers another two. This speaker system works with almost every aftermarket or factory-based car stereo system, so it’s very versatile. It features a frequency response of 53 to 21 thousand Hz and a sensitivity of ninety-three decibels. The top-mount depth of these speakers is two and one-sixteenth inches. When you buy these speakers new, from an authorized online retailer or community-based retailer, your warranty will be twelve months in duration.


How Do They Sound?

Infinity Reference 6032cf

We love the way that these reasonably-priced speakers sound and so do most other people who have tried them out! They offer wonderful sound quality for a low price, so they are really something special. In fact, they provide exceptional range and the low sounds are really distinct. Most customers definitely appreciate how the bass extends without sounding muddy and how crisp sound in the mid-range is. As well, the speakers perform well for high end sounds.

Most owners find these speakers superior to the stock speakers which come with their autos. They also love the fact that they don’t have to spend a bundle in order to enjoy the sound quality that they provide. It’s all about great value and a great listening experience. While a few customers had to deviate from the instructions in order to get their new Infinity Reference 6.5 car speakers installed, the majority were able to follow the instructions to the letter and didn’t find the installation process too difficult or time-consuming. In their view, installing these speakers was well worth their time.

If you want quality and you’re budget-conscious, this may be the speaker system that you’ve been hoping to find. Since it does earn very good to excellent reviews from a host of system owners, it’s a safe and solid choice.

Infinity is the car audio branch of the large Harman Company. This company is world-renowned for its electronics. Infinity provides car speakers and an array of other components, such as head units. Design the system of your dreams by matching these speakers to other components, or use Infinity Reference 6.5 speakers with the head unit that you have now. No matter how you use them, you’ll find that they sound fantastic.

Infinity Reference 6032cf

Incredible Set of Speakers. Crisp and Clear sound as well as easy installation.

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