How to install car speakers

Since so many of us spend an inordinate amount of time inside of our vehicles, it wouldn’t make sense to drive around with bad speakers. While most modern vehicles come equipped with pretty awesome speakers, you really don’t know awesome until you install some high quality speakers, like the kinds that can make your hair sway and your body shake. While we would encourage you to respect your neighbors and not blast your speakers incredibly loudly, we also understand better than anybody else just how awesome it is to have great speakers. With that in mind, we’re going to give you some of the best suggestions when it comes to building a nice speaker set-up inside of your vehicle that will guarantee that you’ll be able to let the whole neighborhood know what you’re listening to.


What to Look For

When it comes to speakers, it’s important to know what to look for. While a lot of people think that speakers are all created equal, the fact of the matter is this isn’t true. More often than not, actually, speakers can sound incredibly different from one another for a myriad of reasons. While a lot of speakers are made out of lower quality materials, higher quality alloys and speaker materials will always command higher prices. These are the massive, earth-shaking speakers often seen on television, especially those novelty car shows.

Well, if this is what you’re looking for, guess what, it’s never been easier to find these kinds of car speakers in the current marketplace. Not only can you expect to have great sound quality, but you’ll also be able to rely on the fact that your speakers will be with you for essentially forever. Whether they’re 6.5 car speakers or component car speakers, it doesn’t matter. Once you find a qualified technician, you’ll be able to easily install these speakers in almost no time at all.


Installing Car Speakers

Let’s say you’ve found the perfect pair of 6×9 car speakers. That’s awesome, but now, the fun part begins. You could very easily make attempt to install the speakers yourself, but keep in mind, this is a lot more difficult than it sounds. Unlike installing home-audio speakers, car speakers are more intuitive in terms of installation. There are very few published do-it-yourself guides, and it’s also very easily to make a mistake that destroys your brand-new speakers or does irreversible damage to the A/V components in your vehicle. Also, remember that some older model vehicles will simply lack the modern technical components necessary for properly installing everything top-to-bottom.

So at the end of your search for the right speakers, you should also begin the search for the best technicians for getting the installation process initiated.


Finding the Right Techies

In the tech world, technicians are often called “techies.” In order to find the right set of techies, it all starts with you. In the old days, you would’ve had to resort to asking the guy that works at your local electronics store or rifling through phone books. Nowadays, we’re inundated with so many different services with expert-level ability to install all kinds of equipment. With audio speakers, it’s very easy to find technicians that are highly-qualified in installing equipment. Beware, however, as some mainstream electronics companies try to appeal to naive customers by bragging about their “expert-level” technicians. The fact of the matter is that if they were really expert-level technicians, they would be working for themselves. This perfectly segues into our next point.

When looking for the best technicians, you’ll want to start with those that work for themselves. While you can probably get good results with a basic technician service at an electronics giant, the self-made firms are better because they often have the ability to do a lot more in terms of the installation process.

Some people really like to make their speakers look cool with metallic casings and lights. If the fancy lights and other accoutrements aren’t important to you, then you should definitely consider going with a vanilla, corporate-level technician service.

These individuals will not only install your speakers, but they will be able to get the job done at a competitive price. If you’re willing to pay a little more for installing your car speakers, then simply go with an independent firm.


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