JBL GTO638 6.5-Inch Speakers

Many people struggle to buy good quality car speakers.  While wanting better sounding music in our cars is something that we want, few have the experience with car speakers necessary to know what is and what is not worth buying.  To help you out, we’ve provided a quick review of the JBL GTO638 speakers.  Providing a quality far above their price point at $47.96, our JBL GTO638 review below gets to the bottom of why these speakers will provide the sound you are looking for at a price you can agree with.



The JBL GTO638 6.5-inch 3-way speakers provide detailed, complex, and loud sound in line with other JBL speakers.  With the bass of the Plus One woofer cone and their My-Ti super tweeter, you get a range of sounds that help to give voice to some of the best music out there.  Utilizing a lot of technology to create advanced speakers that guarantee a certain level of quality, the JBL GTO638 features several different patents filed specifically for these speakers.


JBL is a solid company to go with because they have a reputation for quality lasting nearly 60 years.  Dedicated to creating better car speakers, they have worked around the challenges associated with vehicle listening to provide speakers that are specifically tailored for the space.  While other speaker models utilize existing speaker technology designed for rooms, JBL takes the extra step to provide a superior sound that is hand crafted for your vehicle.


Sound quality is improved through the True Sound built-in crossover network.  The speakers are 6.5 by 6.75 inches.  A woofer cone with rubber surround is also included.  With a two inch mounting depth, the JBL GTO638 speakers use 180 Watts peak power handling.  A 2 ohm impedance is included as well to improve sound quality.  Allowing you to listen louder and install quicker, the JBL GTO638 includes easy to follow installation instructions that seek to speed up the process and get you listening to your music sooner.  The speakers weigh around 2 pounds apiece.


JBL GTO638 Review & Customer Thoughts

It is hard to find a speaker system that is as loved or supported as those produced by JBL.  The JBL GTO638 is an extension of the brand, receiving high customer ratings across the board.  For anyone upgrading from their basic car speakers, prepare to be amazed at the difference and quality of sound that is produced with the JBL GTO638.  Customers point to the straightforward installation as another reason they ranked the JBL GTO638 so highly.  Handling the wattage without issue, customers are impressed by a base that is far better than similarly priced speakers on the market.  Simply put, prepare to hear things with these speakers that you will not hear with the factory speakers.

Reasons To Consider The JBL GTO638 Speakers

  • Provides a great JBL sound quality
  • Sound quality that you can get behind with the 3-way design
  • Deep bass and high output supported by the Plus One woofer cone
  • Easy to install
  • Superior quality for low cost
  • Great when purchasing two pairs to replace all 4 car speakers in your vehicle
  • Easy installation in the majority of vehicles
JBL GTO638 120-Watt 6.5" / 6.75" Inch 3-Way Grand Touring GTO Series Car Stereo Audio Coaxial Speakers Bundle Combo With Enrock 50 Feet 16 Gauge Speaker Wire

Excellent pair of speakers that produce great sound quility as well as bass levels.

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Sound Quality
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A Summary

Are JBL GTO638 speakers worth your time and money?  The answer is yes.  While you may be able to find vehicle speakers out there that deliver on one thing better, few manage to provide the same features and quality of sound for such a low cost.  This makes the JBL GTO638 6.5-inch 3-way speakers one of the best on the market at their price.  If you are interested in upgrading even more, prepare to pay a lot more for better sound.  If you want speakers that will dramatically improve the quality of your sound while also being easy to install, then go with the JBL GTO638.