Kicker 11DX200.4 4-Channel Amp

  • Kicker 11DX200.4 4-Channel Amp
  • Kicker 11DX200.4 4-Channel Amp
  • Kicker 11DX200.4 4-Channel Amp

Foster the power of music

For all the music buffs, who are eager to satiate the music desires, KICKER IIDX200.4 is an excellent option. DX200.4 4-channel amplifier could transmit as high as 25 watts RMS power to each of the car’s speaker, which is almost twice the power of most of the receivers available — now you could cherish more with 11DX200.4.
Users are also offered the flexibility to switch this nifty amplifier into dual channel mode to driver a duo of high performance modules with 100 watts RMS each. Users can exploit this power with in-built HPF and LPF that modify the notes to suit your speakers. Individual front and rear bass boosts enables users to incorporate some extra thud to your melodies.

Segregates and clear-outs noise

KICKER 11DX200.4 goes the “extra-mile” it not only offers you tremendous power for your speakers, but also offers immaculate power. Groundbreaking FIT™ technology — discards clutter from alternators and other parts for crispy, immaculate operation, and admits a broad range of signals.

Kicker 11DX200.4 200W RMS 4-Channel DX Series Amplifier

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Great Subwoofer with Excellent price point

Value For Money
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