NVX JAD1200.1 -1200 watt RMS Monoblock

If you are looking for some good quality amplifiers to enjoy some good music, then you can definitely go for this brand. NVX JAD1200.1 can provide you a very effective amplifier for your car, and you can enjoy different quality music while riding. Anybody who likes to listen a different kind of music, then that person can definitely opt for this amplifier. If you are looking for noiseless and distortion-less music then also you can opt for this amplifier. And if you are looking to buy a very good quality amplifier for your car, and willing to opt for this particular brand, then you can definitely go through this writings, and it should help you a lot.

NVX® True 1200 watt RMS Monoblock Amplifier with Bass Remote [JAD1200.1]

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NVX JAD1200.1 Mono Subwoofer Amplifier

  • It has a very efficient stacking system, and at the same time, the stacking system is unique also.
  • The amplifier has a very high signal to noise ratio. And as the signal to noise ratio of the product is high, it can offer you a distortion-less sound, which is always desirable in the case of any amplifier.
  • The output impedance is quite low which is always desirable in the case of a powerful amplifier.
  • It can boost up the quality of the sound quite efficiently.
  • The power management processor which is used in this amplifier is quite good and efficient.
  • The power connector which is used in this amplifier is quite good, as it causes very less loss.
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There are different items (1) that are included in this box. And those items are like

  1. The box includes good quality of Bluetooth adaptors.
  2. With this box, you can get useful installation tools, and these tools would be very much helpful for you.
  3. You will get factory integration. And it can be considered as one of the important features.
  4. The speaker wire which is included in this box is of very good quality.
  5. Good capacitors.
  6. You will get different installation accessories, which can be very useful to install your product in your car.
  7. You will get a user’s manual with this box. And if you go through this manual thoroughly then it will really help you to know about the product.
  8. You will get a warranty certificate for a limited period time.

The different features (2) which you will get with this product are quite attractive

  • It has a class D type amplifier.
  • It has a very efficient input power supply.
  • It has a LED indicator, which can indicate the power of the battery.
  • It has very efficient and quick rectifying diodes.
  • It has heat sinking facility, and this heat sinking facility is very much efficient to reduce heat.
  • It has RCA level inputs, and they are nickel plated.
  • You will get nickel plated screw levels.
  • It has very efficient variable high pass and low pass filter, and it can provide you a very wide range of frequency.
  • You can manufacturer warranty of 1 year.


The different advantages and features of this item are discussed above.  So if you are looking for a very efficient and effective amplifier, then you really should opt for this amplifier. If you are looking for other NVX Amplifiers or just best car subwoofer amplifiers you will find it here.