NVX JAD800.4 800Watt RMS 4 Channel

NVX can offer you very efficient amplifiers, especially if you are looking for an amplifier to install in your car. So if you are interested in listening to a different kind of good quality music, or if you want to have an update of different news while you are driving, then a good amplifier is something which can be really important for you.

And if you can get a good amplifier then it is going to be a really helpful for you. So when you are thinking about a good amplifier, then you really should consider about this particular product.

NVX® True 800 watt RMS 4-Channel Amplifier [JAD-800.4]

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NVX JAD800.4 800 Watt RMS 4-Channel Amplifier

  • It can provide very good quality distortion less sound.
  • It can provide you low battery security.
  • It can provide heat sink facility.
  • The loss of the sound data is less as it has a very good quality of wires.
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Several important items (1) are incorporated in this box which includes:

  1. You can get a remote bass control in this packet.
  2. You will get a speaker wire. And the quality of the wire is really good as it will cause less loss while transmitting any kind of data.
  3. If you are looking for good quality capacitors, then you can get them with this box.
  4. You will get power cells for your car and at the same time, you can get car batteries.
  5. There are different installation accessories are included in this packet.
  6. Bluetooth adaptors are also included with this box.
  7. You will also get high o/p alternators.
  8. You will get a warranty card in this box. And this warranty card offers you a limited period of warranty.
  9. You will get a user’s manual which can provide you proper guidance.
  10. After you have bought the product, it is necessary that you opt for an online activation. And you can get all the guidance regarding online activation in this box.

If you are looking for attractive features in your new amplifier, then you must opt for this particular brand. This is because the NVX 800 watt comes loaded with incredible features (2) like

  • It has a good quality amplifier which is of Class D.
  • It has a LED indicator, which can indicate the power left in your battery. If the battery is about to end then, it can turn to RED.
  • It has a heat sink facility so that your amplifier does not get heated up too quickly.
  • The diodes which are used in this device can provide very high speed.
  • It can be operated in 3 different channel modes.
  • Very wide range of frequency range. From 20 Hz to 20 KHZ.
  • THD is less than 1% which is really desirable.


So, if you are looking for a good amplifier for your car, then you can definitely opt for this particular amplifier. See more of other NVX Amplifiers or just best car subwoofer amplifiers here.