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Pioneer AVIC-7100NEX

Pioneer’s NEX in-dash systems are a few of the most sophisticated car head units on the marked today, putting interactive multimedia and navigation powers in even the crappiest cars. And they’re acquiring even much better in 2016 with assistance for both Android Auto and CarPlay. No matter which side of the smartphone wars you are on, Pioneer has you covered.

You are going to recall that last year Pioneer started supporting CarPlay in many of its head unit systems. Like CarPlay, Android Auto is a reasonably seamless strategy to get your smartphone screen into your dash. Especially, the integration is coming to the forthcoming AVIC-8100NEX, AVIC-7100NEX and AVH-4100NEX models, which all feature 7-inch capacitive touch screens, a built-in microphone for voice commands and voice calls.

pioneer-avic Car Play

Plug an iPhone into a Lightning cable attached to the AVIC-7100NEX and CarPlay automatically launches. The head unit goes into “projection mode” and shows identical (but bigger) iOS icons for Telephone, Music, Maps, Messages, and much more (as well as one extra one, which allows customers to revert back towards the Pioneer’s 7100NEX’s native interface). The primary benefit of Apple CarPlay over similar iPhone integration platforms is this familiar interface. An additional bonus is that Siri can handle particular tasks from a convenience and security standpoint.

Most new models now offer some type of hands-free SMS text messaging, but with Apple CarPlay and Siri, it’s a easy and safe procedure. Hit the Messages icon around the screen and Siri will ask if you would prefer to dictate a text. Conversely, Siri will allow you to know when a message comes in and ask if you would like to read aloud.

Telephone functionality works much exactly the same way, and I was often in a position to call a number just by saying a command out loud. 1 disadvantage of CarPlay is that, unlike numerous OEM systems, your hands need to leave the steering wheel to access Siri. CarPlay also provides access to third-party streaming music apps like Pandora and Spotify, which is important feature now a days.

Pioneer AVIC-7100NEX Navigation Head Unit


I’ve by no means been a big fan of Apple Maps and usually make use of the Google Maps app on my iPhone instead. However, CarPlay’s Apple Maps function is better than the built-in nav systems in most vehicles and has several helpful features. For example, it utilizes the familiar pinch-to-zoom function discovered on an iPhone and you may use Siri to find points of interest (POIs) by way of a cloud-based search instead of a static onboard database, like most onboard nav systems.


Pioneer AVIC-7100NEX Complete Double Din Head Unit

Siri also enables customers to find specific destinations and POIs using casual speech commands, e.g. “Find Starbucks.” In addition to showing your location history and permitting routing to addresses inside your get in touch with list, CarPlay will even route to locations embedded in emails and text messages sent to your phone.


  • The Pioneer AVIC-7100NEX can be described as an Apple Carplay. It is a fantastic product for iPhone user that provides them with a visceral way to listen to music, make calls, use Maps and access messages from the means of a simple touch. It also plays with voice control, knobs and controls.You just need to plug-in your iPhone to make a move.Isn’t it cool?
  • It features Android Auto that allows the user to focus on driving without getting distracted. It automatically brings the required information to the driver by organizing in simple cards and that too when needed. It is the best app that allows the driver to drive without getting distracted.
  • It has a resistive and powerful touch screen interface that is easy to use and has been designed according to the tablet-driven requirements.
  • It acts as an excellent navigator because it has the latest mapping interface incorporated in it. It offers detailed information on traffic, routes and navigation through its double din navigation technology so that you land up in a right place without getting into a wrong way.
  • The high-quality in-built Bluetooth connectivity allows hands-free calling that comes to the latest Hands-Free Profile (HFP 1.6), audio streaming and Wideband Speech capability.
  • The sound quality of the audio of this double-din radio is natural.
  • You may select and browse the media on your Android phone by making use of the AVRCP 1.4 profile.
  • The Mirrorlink interface allows freely to access the music, navigation and map services. It also provides with a hands-free feature for the driver to attend or make a call while driving.
  • Supports the SIRI eyes free functionality that does not hinder the driving experience of a person. By a mere touch, SIRI starts to listen through the external microphones incorporated into it and make a person listen and reply through those external microphones.

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If you want a replacement head unit that can do it all and adds CarPlay for iPhone users as well as Android Auto, it's worth the price.

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Pioneer AVIC-7100NEX Double Din 7" Head Unit

Excellent head unit with lots of functions and one of the best navigation head units we have seen.

$538.00 $547.90

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Pioneer AVIC-7100NEX
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