Pioneer GM-D9605 5 Channel

If you are looking for best car amplifiers for your car which can provide you good quality music, then you can definitely opt for this particular amplifier. This amplifier does not offer any kind of disturbance in sound. So you can really enjoy a very good quality of music while riding your car. And when it comes to different good quality amplifiers which can be installed in your car, you really should consider Pioneer GM-D9605 5 Channel Amplifier.

Pioneer GM-D9605 Gm Class D Amp 2,000W Max

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Pioneer GM-D9605 5 Channel Amplifier

  • This amplifier can be operated in 3 different channel modes.
  • The item is very small but at the same time it can be said that the item is very powerful.
  • You can get noiseless and distortion less sound from this device.
  • The circuitry is quite advanced.
  • The frequency range is quite high.
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There are different important items are included in this box (1). And those items are:

  1. You will get an amplifier which has 5 channels. And it can operate in 3 different modes of a channel.
  2. There are 3 number of ATO fuses available of 30A.
  3. There is both 1.5 mm and 3 mm Allen wrench is available with this box.
  4. To get proper guidance regarding the product, you will get an owner’s manual
  5. This box includes a speaker input connector. And this connector can provide any lossless sound.
  6. You will get all the details regarding the warranty period of the product.
  7. This box also contains some information, which will help you to activate this product on online.
  8. It has a remote control which can be used to boost up the bass.

This particular product can offer you different attractive features (2), and those features are like:

  • You can get a 5 channel amplifier. And this amplifier can be operated in 3 different modes. And these modes are like 3 channel mode, 4 channel modes, 5 channel mode.
  • You can get Class D amplifier, which is very efficient in providing any kind of distortion less sound.
  • There is variable high pass, and low pass filters are used in this product. And as variable high pass and low pass filter is used the frequency range of this device is quite high. And both high-frequency signals and low-frequency signals can pass through amplifier easily.
  • You will also get variable bass boost facility on the sub channel.


So, it can be understood that this Pioneer amplifier is an ideal amplifier for your car as it can provide you good quality sound while listening to music in your car. Its nifty and affordable as well.