Review of Amazfit Bip Waterproof

Are you looking for the ultimate full featured GPS Sports Smart Watch? Then you need to give Amazfit Bip Waterproof a try. The smart watch comes with a 30 days battery life and has 2 wristbands included (one free bracelet in this offer). The integrated GPS will allow you to do all types of activities while tracking your rate throughout the day.

Amazfit Bip Features

Tons of Smartphone Apps
The best part of the Amazfit Bip Waterproof smart watch is the fact that it comes with a ton of quality smartphone apps. Anyone having an iPhone will find it to be a great alternative to the iWatch.

Charges Every 30 to 45 Days
Yes, you read that right. The Amazfit smart watch only needs to be charged every 30 to 45 days’ battery, much better than any other smart watch. No more having to charge your iWatch every day. Ditch your smart watch for the latest smart watch that will change your lifestyle.

Affordable Price
The Amazfit smart watch comes at an incredibly affordable price which is under $100. Despite its many powerful features, the smart watch doesn’t cost much and just about anyone can get their hands on one. You wouldn’t be able to find a sports smart watch that comes in such a price range and has all of these features. It is the only smart watch with GPS at this price.

Get the Exercise Data That You Need
Monitoring your health just got so much easier with the Amazfit smart watch. Simply track and share your activities throughout the day. It is vital for a healthy lifestyle.

Beautiful Design
The Amazfit smart watch has a beautiful design that will blow your mind. It looks attractive on anyone that wears it and is available in different colors.

Extremely Lightweight
Did we mention that it is extremely lightweight? When you put on the Amazfit smart watch, you wouldn’t feel like you are wearing anything. This will allow you to continue with your sporty lifestyle and accurately record your distances easily with the integrated GPS.

Detect Your Heart Rate
It is important to detect your heart rate accurately at all times while doing sports or resting. The optical sensor allows the Amazfit smart watch to keep track of your heart rate all day long unlike any other smart watch out there. Record detailed tracking of sports when indoors or outdoors. Run, treadmill, cycle, walk and more while being tracked.

Get Detailed Insights
The Amazfit smart watch provides you with detailed insights into the most frequent activities that you undergo. It allows you to know which activities provide you with the best results.

Get Quality Sleep
Monitor your sleep to learn how to get quality sleep. The motion detection makes it all possible. It is important for you to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep every day. The Amazfit smart watch will monitor sleep and let you know if you slept well or not. So, what are you waiting for? Give the Amazfit Bip Waterproof a try now!