Should You Utilize White Noise To Put Your Child To Sleep?

The idea of your newborn baby going to sleep can seem like a dream come true. Even when you have fed your baby and it has been a few hours, he or she might still have trouble going to sleep. To ensure that your baby sleeps better, paediatricians recommend parents to do something that makes their child feel relaxes such as give them a warm bath. When parents have trouble getting their child to fall asleep, they take alternative measures. White noise has become a popular option among parents as true wireless stereo earbuds can be used. Although white noise helps put your child to sleep, it has certain consequences that you need to know about.

Should You Consider White Noise?
For those of you that do not know what white noise means, it simply refers to sounds which help mask other sounds in an environment. For instance, if you live in a big city, white noise may help block out the noise of traffic or a party next door. There are certain sounds that help encourage you to fall asleep such as the sound of soothing waves or a rainforest. There are some machines which are specially designed to put infant to sleep. Some have a heartbeat sound, while others produce instrumental lullabies which mimic the voice of the mother.
A study conducted in 1990 revealed that white noise might be helpful in putting newborns to sleep. It found that as much 80% of newborns fell asleep within five minutes of listening to white noise.

Benefits of White Noise
With white noise, babies might fall asleep a lot faster, especially since it helps block out noise. The following benefits of white noise should be considered.
1. May Help Put Kids to Sleep
One of the most obvious benefits of white noise is that it helps put them to sleep. If your baby has trouble falling sleep or if there are noises that prevent it from going to sleep, you might need to turn to white noise. Besides, some babies are accustomed to noise and will have a tough time falling asleep in a quiet environment.
2. Masks Household Noises
When you use a white noise machine, it helps mask household noises such as when those produced by other children in the house. For example, if you have a child that requires a nap, while the other does not want to nap, you can use white noise to block out the sounds produced by siblings.
Cons of White Noise
Just like anything else, white noise also has some cons that you need to know about. These are mentioned below.
• Not every child responds well to white noise.
• Babies may easily become dependent on white noise and would have trouble falling asleep without it.
• White noise machines may produce white noise that exceeds the recommended noise limits.

White noise should only be utilized if you have no other option. It is important that you allow your baby to sleep naturally without the need for white noise.