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Stanley J7CS Battery Jump Starter With Compressor

Nowadays, most car owners wish to go for a long drive to lonely places. When they visit lonely places, they may not find another vehicle to help them out in the event of the battery down. In some cases, they cannot get a mechanic as well to come from a distance place to help them out in the event of the battery down. This is where a battery jump starter will come handy for them. Earlier, people were not ready to go for jump starters, just because they were bulky those days. But, nowadays, portable jump starters like Stanley J7CS Battery Jump Starter will help car owners to ensure a handy jump starter ready on their vehicle.

Stanley Jump Starter J7CS 350 has built in light

An introduction:

This Stanley jump starter brings a portable and convenient method to jump start the battery by eliminating the need for another vehicle. As this model from Stanley has enough power to jump start the tractor or RV, boat, motorcycle and truck, besides a car, it can be the best attachment for these vehicle owners. This jump starter is ideal not just for roadside emergencies, but also for everyday use. All that is to be done by the owners of vehicles is to fasten the clamps to the battery of the vehicle. In case the connection is not correctly given, it will bring an alarm sound, thereby alerting the owner to control the clamps prior to turning on the jump starter. This model features a 120 PSI Air Compressor with USB power sources to meet in the event of outage emergencies and charging requirements. There is also an easy-to-read backlit gauge for inflating sports equipment and tires and an alternative 12-volt.


  • Reverse polarity LED indicator and audible alarm
  • High-power 270-degree pivoting LED light
  • 12V power outlet and USB Port
  • 120 PSI compressor with backlit gauge
  • The Stanley J7CS Battery jump starter is a 350 instant/700 peak battery amp starter.


  • Even though the unit comes with tire inflator, it does not have auto cut-off feature.
  • As there is no auto cut-off feature, the user should manually cut it out once the tires get the right air pressure.

STANLEY J7CS Jump Starter (350 Amps)

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The important thing to remember about this Stanley J7CS battery jump starter is that it can be recharged after using it in your car within few minutes. All that is needed is a household extension cord to recharge the unit. The cover on the back of the jumper should be pulled back and extension cord and it should be charged until the LED indicator light turns green. This is the most important feature to consider when shopping for a jump starter. When it takes a longer time to charge, it will be difficult to carry on with the trip. So, one can feel confident about investing in this unit.

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