The Best Tech Charities To Donate To

There is nothing better than the joy of giving. If you are someone who likes to donate to tech charities, then this post is just for you. The best tech non-profits are highlighted here. The companies use tech products and databases to improve the lives of everyone worldwide. They help provide children with access to technology, resources for people that have disabilities, empower the survivors of sexual assault and advocate for online freedom. Considering adding the tech charities to your list. If you don’t feel like you can donate now, then you can always bookmark the organizations for future donations.

One Laptop Per Child
One Laptop Per Child does exactly what it is named after. It aims to provide low-power, low-cost laptops to underprivileged children worldwide. The organization has also created its hardware and is serving children across the globe, from Africa to South America. Contribute to the organization and help it towards its education efforts. It wants to connect communities around the world. The main focus of the organization is children and the youth. You can either donate or contribute to the organization non-monetarily such as through volunteering.

Able Thrive
Able Thrive is an NGO that uses a database to connect people with disabilities and their caretakers/ family members. It provides curated and specialized resources around the globe. For instance, users can search for life skills and parenting. It will help them find a specialist in the area to help assist them. Able Thrive provides an extensive cache of resources. Just about every topic is covered, from the logistics of traveling to living situations. The organization is doing an amazing job of helping connect people with disabilities. The website design breaks down everything on just one website. Thus, having the resources at the fingertips of differently-abled persons will empower them.

Annie Cannons
Annie Cannons strives to help survivors of human trafficking. It is an education non-profit that teaches the survivors tech skills to provide them with financial independence. The organization aims to help students create software that addresses the continuing issues of human trafficking. Thus, students end up helping more survivors through the program.

Asylum Connect
Being a part of the LGBTQ community is considered a crime in about 73 countries in the world. This is why many queer people flee to the USA to seek asylum. However, upon entry to the USA, they are confused about the options they have or the resources that are available. Asylum Connect provides a database of resources to assist asylum seekers depending on the state they reside in. The organization helps them transition to the USA.

Salvation Army Houston
Salvation Army Houston is changing the way people donate. It is leveraging technology to make donating easier. The organization helps benefit the Christian Army which is an NGO that is dedicated to helping those in need.
From the donation pickup to delivery, everything is covered to make donating furniture, equipment, books and other items an easy process. When you donate through Salvation Army Houston, you can rest assured that the intended charity organization would receive the donation.