Top 7 Electric Bikes in 2019

E-bikes also known as electric bikes have been around since the late 19th century, but over the years, they have been modernized to have loads of incredible features and functionalities.
Lately, e-bikes have been in high demand as a result of the many goodies they offer. They are a great way to improve your fitness; Eco-friendly; Easy to ride and offer you a sweat-free commute. In fact, electric bikes are such a glorious piece of transportation technology everyone should have today.

We understand how difficult making the right purchase of an e-bike can be, so we’ve offered to help make the selection process easier for you with our Review of the Top 7 Electric Bikes in 2019.
If you’re looking to get value for your money, these are the e-bikes we’d suggest you purchase.

1. XF660 Fat Electric Bike

This fat tire electric bike comes with an incredible 1000W driving force and 48V battery that keeps the motor running at 25mph on electric mode. It lives up to its designation as a fat tire electric bike with its powerful 4″ tires that offers good traction and makes riding in snow, tough sand or rocky grounds an easy cruise.
In addition to that, this beauty comes with a remarkable 6061 aluminum frame for lightness, durability and strength; and a front suspension for shock absorbing and cushioning – meaning you’re never going to feel uncomfortable on this bike. The Cyrusher XF660’s braking system is also great as it is made up of an efficient alloy disk brake.
The battery of the Cyrusher XF660 is removable and has a 500 times recharge cycle. When fully charged, the battery of this bike could take you over a staggering 40miles.
The Cyrusher comes equipped with an LCD screen that provides users with such important information as battery life, and LCD lights.
This electric bike is perfect for commuting, cycling, riding in the snow and hill climbing. It has a carrying capacity of 350lbs.

Pros of the XF660
• An impressive battery
• Great throttle system
• Powerful tires
• Great braking system
• Affordable

Cons of the XF660
• As great as the bike is, it comes with no fenders to protect riders from splashes on wet roads
• It is a pretty heavy bike.
• It takes 5 – 7 hours to fully charge its battery.
• The bike favors only individuals above 5’5″.
• Lacks reflectors.

2. XF800 Fat Electric Bike

Riding this bike and one of the first things you’ll take notice of is how powerful its motor is. The Cyrusher XF800 comes equipped with an extremely powerful 1000W motor that enables you ride at a remarkable speed of 30mph. This electric bike is also able to cover a long distance of up to 65 miles on a full charge of its 48V battery.
With its four-inch fat tires, you can travel smoothly over any type of surface – snowy, muddy, sandy, rocky, you name it. When on the Cyrusher XF800, you are good to go anywhere and everywhere. It also has a USB charger port for charging your phone, and an LCD screen that shows you how much battery you have left, speed and mileage.
The Cyrusher XF800 has a strong 6061 aluminum Alloy frame and an oil spring suspension fork with lockout. It also has a reliable braking system. Thanks to its dual hydraulic disk brakes, bringing this electric bike to an instant stop during emergencies should be no problem.
This electric bike is perfect for riding on smooth and tough terrains. It has a carrying capacity of 360lbs.

Pros of the XF800
• Can be ridden during winter
• Full suspension allows it tackle the toughest roads with ease.

Cons of the XF800
• It is quite heavy if you intend carrying it up a flight of stairs
• The electric bike doesn’t come with a rare tire fender
• Takes too long to fully charge.

3. X2000 Fat Electric Bike
Equipped with strong four-inch fat tires, the Cyrusher X2000 e-bike is a fat tire snow bike with impressive features.
The Cyrusher X2000 comes with a punchy 500W motor and a 10Ah lithium battery that lets you drive this e-bike at a very decent 28km/h for around 25 miles on a single charge with extended distances available when using the available pedal assist modes.
Other fascinating features of the Cyrusher X2000 are its 6061 aluminum alloy frame which provides enough durability and strength to the e-bike; its powerful disc brakes and full suspension forks and its three working modes – Throttle, Assist and Pedal only.
This electric bike is perfect for going up and down hills, riding through the snow and effortlessly cycling through tough terrains.

Pros of the X2000
• Easily foldable
• Well structured to favor people of almost all heights and weights
• Comes with an adjustable seat that provides you with maximum comfort
• Suitable for any terrain.

Cons of the X2000
• 5-7 hours is too long a time to wait for its battery to get full.

4. XF690 Fat Electric Bike
Another excellent and reliable foldable electric bike from Cyrusher. The Cyrusher XF690 is one e-bike every modern rider would prefer. It is unique and guarantees you exciting moments.
This is a fat tire electric bike that comes with a 500W brushless motor and a 48V 10Ah battery. This is one solid e-bike as it travels at a max speed of 25mph and lets you run at whatever speed you deem fit for the moment.
It has a 6061-aluminum frame and an oil spring suspension front fork with lockout. Furthermore, it comes with a Shimano 24 speed system and a powerful hydraulic braking system you can count on. There are also three working modes to this e-bike – Twist throttle, Power assisted and Pedal only.
This electric bike is perfect not just for riding in the city, but on the toughest of road paths. It has a carrying capacity of 330lbs.

Pros of the XF690
• It is foldable
• Comes with a fast charge feature
• Its powerful LED light makes it great for night riding
Cons of the XF690
• Not of suitable for persons less than 5’10”

5. G650 City Electric Bike
This bike comes with all the modern features of an e-bike and is super comfortable to ride. In addition to that, it looks really cool.
The Cyrusher G650 has a good brushless motor that is 500W. Its motor helps deliver smooth power on all electric modes and you have the option to go for either its 10.4 or 12.8(Ah) battery. Each battery is unique as it enables you cover a certain distance. While its 10.4(Ah) battery allows you up to 21 miles, its 12.8(Ah) battery on the other hand, lets you cover 28 miles at full charge.
This is a remarkable foldable electric bike with top quality parts and an easy fold system. Its frame is made of top quality 6061 aluminum alloy with a suspended front fork, front and back disc brakes, 3 working modes for full electric or pedal assist and a lighting system.
This fancy electric bike is perfect for mountain climbing, commuting and traveling short distances.

Pros of the G650
• It is a Lightweight electric bike weighing just 23kg
• Fashionable
• Easily foldable to fit in the trunk of your car
• Affordable
• Packed with all the power you need in a mini e-bike.
• Highly comfortable.

Cons of the G650
• Not suitable for long distance travel
• Takes more than five hours to fully charge

6. RS600 Road Electric Bike
The Cyrusher RS600 is a classic looking electric road bike designed with a High Strong Carbon Steel frame to give you plenty of stability when riding.
It has a 240W motor and is powered by a 36V removable lithium battery. It comes with three working modes that help you cover more range. There is the Twist throttle mode (15 – 21 miles); Power assisted mode and Pedal mode (25 – 30 miles) and the pedal only mode.
The RS600 from Cyrusher is an electric road bike with an impressive 700 c x 28c tires designed to easily cruise any road path. It offers users a remarkable 21 Speed Shimano TY300 Shift lever; a super responsive dual disc brake and a Pro high strength carbon steel front fork.
This electric bike is perfect for you if you have a passion for road cycling. It has a carrying capacity of 330lbs.

Pros of the RS600
• Offers you a stress-free commute
• Provides riders with great stability
• A great choice for flat town riding

Cons of the RS609
• Not suitable for long distance travel
• Suffers in the hills

7. S600 Mountain Electric Bike
The S600 is yet another superb electric bike from the stables of Cyrusher. It is made of high quality light and steel carbon fiber frames and is famous for its impressive absorption performance.
The Cyrusher S600 electric bike’s power comes from a motor which offers 250 watts of assistance to its pedal and a 36V battery that helps you cover a whooping 21mph. With this bike, riders can get to their destination in no time thanks to its Shimano 9-speeds shifting system.
This e-bike comes with a powerful braking system that makes it suitable for almost every terrain. It also has two working modes – the Power assisted mode and the Pedal only mode. By switching to any of the available modes, riders can easily cover more distance.
This electric bike is well suited for cycling, commuting and climbing or going down hill paths.

Pros of the S600
• Great absorption performance
• A master of terrains

Cons of the S600
• Frame is a bit too large

The appropriate electric bike for you will come down to preference. Some prefer design over durability, while others are all about rigidity and a long battery life. Whichever feature you are after, you are sure to find it on our list of the 7 best electric bikes on the market in 2019. Each of these e-bikes is top notch and will definitely provide you with enough value for your money. You definitely cannot go wrong when you invest in any of the electric bikes listed above, all these electric bikes are from Cyrusherebike. Go green and go silent when you purchase any of these fascinating e-bikes listed above at your favorite electric bike store today.