Top Tips for Travelling to Jianshui

Today, I will be sharing some tips for traveling to Jianshui.
China is a beautiful and amazing country visit and must be on the top destination for traveling. The country will; definitely, leave you mesmerized with its breathtaking landscape and unique experience. When you are visiting this country, there are plenty of places you should visit. Many people visit to see the Great Wall of China; however, China has a lot more to offer.

Yunnan is a lesser-known but fantastic place to visit. More specifically, you should visit Jianshui, a town in southern Yunnan. Jianshui is the historic center of Yunnan as it is home to many ancient buildings.

There are some things you need to keep in mind when traveling to Jianshui. I have highlighted the most important ones for you.

What Type of Clothing is Suitable?
One of the things you need to know before going to Jianshui is the type of clothing you will need. Since the temperature in winter is temperate, you should bring light clothes. There is no need to take heavy clothes like fur jackets. You can take a sweater or light coat to stay warm during a chilly night.
If you visit Jianshui during spring or summer, you can pack light and thin clothes.

When Should You Visit Jianshui?
Since the town is situated in a low-latitude area, it has a subtropical monsoon climate. This means you should avoid going during autumn or summer. It is the time of the year when Jianshui receives rainfall and is, usually, extremely hot.

When it comes to the best time to visit the town, it ranges from September to November or March to April. During these months, the temperature is moderate.
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What Accessories You Might Need?
If you are visiting Jianshui on a dry day, you must have the following:
• a sunscreen
• hat
• long sleeve light jacket
• sunglasses
This is because the sun rays will be quite strong. As far as rainy days are concerned, you should bring:
• an umbrella
• raincoat
• short pants
• a t-shirt
In case you will be spending more time outdoors, you must apply sunscreen as well.

How Safe is Jianshui?
The town is pretty safe if you take special measures. If you are traveling alone, it is advised not to stay out too late. It can be dangerous for you. In case you are arriving at night to the town, it is advised to stay near the airport. Tourists should avoid visiting the destination at night.
Moreover, the roads to Jianshui are in good condition. Still, you must be careful. There are some parts of the roads, near mountains that are rough. You should take safety measures for keeping everyone safe.

Therefore, Jianshui is a must-visit place when you are in Yunnan. This ancient town has a lot to offer, you can visit the Double Dragon Bridge, Temple of Confucius, the Four Gates of Lin’an, and much more.
If you want to know more about the attractions in Jianshui, visit the website.