Types of “Fingerprint Unlocking”

There are many cases about fingerprint unlocking since its introduction. We can see such unlocking emerge one after another. Boxes, door locks, car doors and even mobile phones. The most typical are mobile phones.

We can include from two points. First, the renewal is fast. The interval between the fifth and the sixth generation is short. Second, the design methods of the fingerprint module are various. Off-screen fingerprint and key fingerprint under the mobile phone. You may find fingerprint unlocking back or side of the mobile phone. The smartisan mobile phone combined with logo and fingerprint. There are various methods. Major producers rack their brain to produce them. But who can image the laptops with fingerprint unlocking?

Laptops has become thinner. Business laptops always made of mental material. There are some differences in details. Such as thickness, keyboard and screen proportion. These differences can bring different experiences to users. Unlocking has changed from password to face and fingerprint.

It is common to see laptops with fingerprint unlocking. We put common computers at home. There is no need to worry about privacy. There are the following three ways to unlock fingerprints of laptops.

1. Sliding Fingerprint Unlocking
It uses a sliding fingerprint sensor. The sensor can read your fingerprint information. Your finger needs to slide on the surface of the sensor. Then the sensor will obtain the fingerprint information of the finger. The sensor will put together the obtained fingerprint information. Then it can obtain a complete fingerprint information. You can unlock the computer after its checking. Sliding can obtain the complete fingerprint information image. Fingerprints are unique. The more fingerprint data, the lower the error rate. The small size of sliding sensors can save space for laptops.

2. Press Fingerprint Unlocking
Simple press-type fingerprint identification has circular and square styles. The principle is the same as the mobile phones. You should input fingerprint data from various dimensions in advance. Then you can place the finger on the module. The laptop can read your fingerprints and let you login.

3. Press Fingerprint Unlocking with starting up
This press-type fingerprint is on the laptop’s boot button. Users who want to buy HONOR MagicBook 14 laptops should know: The circular fingerprint module can have the previous function. It can read your fingerprint information before starting up. Then it won`t verify again after entering the desktop. You can start up and register in one step. This method is the most convenient unlocking method.
Fingerprint unlocking is very mature. It can be excellent in the laptops industry. Will you take fingerprint unlocking into account while purchasing?