UTV Tire Buyer’s Guide for Spring Riding

Sure, many UTV riders hit the trails during the winter. But spring brings warmer temperatures and more riding opportunities if you prefer hard ground and mud to ice and snow. And as most riders know, the right tires can make a huge difference in your traction, handling and overall performance off the road. This brief guide to ATV and UTV wheels online reviews the most durable and affordable tires on the market.

Top 5 Most Durable ATV Tires

Mud and rocky ground present unique challenges. That’s why tire design and construction are key to tackling those challenges during your ride. Mud tires must deliver plenty of bite on soft ground, so most models sport large lugs that dig in. They also feature self-cleaning tread that prevents mud from sticking, so you get consistent traction over the same ground.
For hard and rocky ground, you’ll want puncture-resistant tires with wider tread. Wraparound shoulder lugs also deliver extra grip and protection. All-terrain tires balance these features to give you dependable traction on many types of surfaces. As you shop ATV tires for sale, take a look at these five favorites:
• Kenda K99 Bear Claw, an all-terrain 6-ply tire with longitudinal tread
• ITP MudLite AT, with extended wear rubber compound and angled shoulder lugs
• Maxxis Carnivore, an 8-ply tire with aggressive tread for improved bite on muddy trails
• ITP TerraCross R/T, with puncture resistance, a wide footprint and interlocking tread for rocky ground
• Sedona Rip-Saw RT, with 1 1/8-inch deep tread and siped knobs for rocky ground and watery terrain

Most Affordable UTV Wheels

• Riders of ATVs and UTVs have somewhat similar needs when it comes to tires. You’ll find a lot of overlap on features, durability and value when shopping in both categories. Some of the most popular and top-rated UTV tires online also happen to be the most wallet-friendly. Bargain hunters may want to check out these affordable tire models:
• GBC CX Master, with puncture resistance and X-knob tread for cross-country and rocky trails
• CST Ambush C9308 and C9309, durable 4-ply carcass and knobby tread for desert, rocky and cross-country trails
• Maxxis MU01 Zilla, a lightweight mud tire with added center tread for smoother rides
• Sedona Coyote, a puncture-resistant all-terrain tire with integrated side lugs for improved traction on rocky terrain
• AMS Swamp Fox, a mud tire with a lightweight construction, deep tread and an advanced tread design

More Tire Shopping Tips

As snow and ice give way to sunshine and showers, many riders feel the lure of the great outdoors. During the spring, most typically encounter mud, rocky terrain and sand. While these ATV and UTV tire models are just a few examples, they’re great suggestions to help you get started.
As you shop around for ATV and UTV tires, it’s wise to keep in mind a few additional pointers. You want to get the best value for your money, but don’t hyper-focus on price. What you pay is just part of the overall picture, so evaluate key selling points along with customer ratings and cost. Meanwhile, shop at a reputable powersports dealer. Your vendor should have good industry expertise, multiple shipping options and clear return policies.

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