What do you Need ID Card Accessories for?

Photo by Collin Armstrong on Unsplash

Identity cards are a fail-safe way to enhance the organisation and overall security of any workplace, club, business or building. They are simply essential in our modern age, and everyone you know probably has to have one on hand at any given time. Whether it is recreational, membership or workplace-related, there’s no getting around carrying an identity card. ID card accessories are a way of ensuring that identity cards are protected, safe, displayed properly and used effectively. Here’s how they take security to the next level in any environment:


The most subtle and simplistic choice for an ID card accessory is a lapel, clip or a pin. These enable an identity card to be attached to the clothing of the holder, meaning that it can be clearly displayed at all times.

Having an identity card on show at all times is ideal for a workplace with high levels of security, an environment where staff members must have their names on display or for high-pressure environments such as healthcare centres. These are a great option because they’re hidden behind the card, making a clip or pin the most unnoticeable accessory on offer by far.


An identity card carries sensitive information. It can be used for access to a building, classified information and more, therefore it should always be protected. Lost, stolen or damaged cards will slow down the security process of a workplace and put a company at risk of unauthorised access. Keeping your cards safe, clean and operational is a must, and ID card accessories are a cost-effective and easy way to do just that.

Use a flexible, clear id card holder to maintain the look and function of any ID card. These keep both sides of an ID visible whilst also working to protect it. Maybe your security system requires more than just one card? Opt for a rigid, durable holder that can store two or more items. This is perfect for a building that requires both identity and access cards.


Accessories will also put a stop to misplaced cards. If your staff’s IDs are pinned to their attire, there’s minimal risk of it ever going missing.


Using an identity card is the most important part of any security system. Your staff need to be able to effectively present and use their IDs day in and day out, accessories make that function all the simpler. Add-ons such as badge reels are ideal for streamlining the comings and goings of any and all environments. This simple accessory enables staff members to present their IDs without having to fumble around in their bags. A reel is simple, effective and time-saving.

If you’re looking for an accessory that will save on time whilst also enabling the holders to remove their ID quickly, then a lanyard is perfect for you. Lanyards are amazingly useful for any environment, they allow a card to be presented easily when needed and are also quickly removable. These will increase the organisation and efficiency of your workplace’s entrance.


ID card accessories also pose the opportunity for a little free advertising. Although it’s probably not the first perk that comes to mind, it is certainly a welcome one. Customise your accessories with your business’s logo, name or colours to extending your local marketing reach! This is a great branding touch that will also increase your personnel’s affinity with your company.

These are just some of the ways that ID card accessories help to make a business better!