What to Look for In Motion Detectors When Buying

The best way to safeguard your home from intruders is by installing motion detectors. Motion detectors are efficient home security systems that can keep burglars from forcefully entering your premises. They work by using vibrations, microwaves, light, and various other methods to detect suspicious movement in a specified area.

When shopping for motion detectors, you should understand that these devices come in different types that are designed for particular situations. While comparing the various types, you need to consider the method of detection that will work best for your premise and also the detection zone offered by the device.

To prevent you from having a hard time, here is what you should look for when buying motion detectors.

The Type of Motion Detector You Need

You should determine the type of motion detector that will work for your situation from the various models available in the market. You also need to identify the area you want to protect. Large areas require motion detectors that can cover a wider area and can detect vibrations, movements, and heat. Local motion sensors are those that protect smaller areas using contact sensors, laser beams, and infrared.

You should choose a motion detector after you have identified your area of protection.

The Features

Motion detectors are evaluated according to how the trigger responses such as video camera, light, alarm, or a combination of two or more of the responses. Let us delve into the functions of each.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is a response that is triggered by the motion detector. It records the footage of the whole event which can be used for evidence in prosecution and insurance claims. Video cameras cover all areas, including blind spots. They are used together with lighting and alarms to provide high coverage areas and efficient results.

Lighting Systems

The lighting systems are used to deter intruders and also enhance the safety of the area. Lights are usually positioned in strategic positions and vulnerable areas to offer maximum coverage. Motion detectors come with automatic lighting that turns on when they sense movement. The exteriors use floodlights which can light large areas while light and laser beams are used in the doorways, garages, and interiors.

The Alarm

An alarm is the most responsive feature of the motion detector. You can have a silent alarm or audible alarm that will sound an alert to notify the owner of the premise and the monitoring company of intrusion.

The Mounting Position

Motion detectors are mounted differently. Some are wall-mounted, while others can be installed at entry points like windows and doors. Other detectors can be mounted above the switches. They help to control brightness in the room while offering home security. You can also have your detectors mounted at the ceiling to monitor the whole room.

The Range and Zone of Detection

The detection range and zone are important aspects when looking to purchase motion detectors. The detection zone is the width of the area covered by the motion detector and varies with the type of detector. Your detection zone should be adequate enough to give you the required coverage.

Range is the maximum distance that can be sensed by the motion detector. The range can be adjusted to provide you with varied options.

The Sensitivity

The sensitivity of your motion detector should be high enough to trigger with the slightest motion. It depends on whether you choose an active or passive motion detector. Active detectors can detect every type of movement. They include security lighting that turns on when motion is detected. Passive detectors include infrared detectors that can only detect the human body heat and will not activate when other objects are within their detection range.

The Cost of the Motion Detector

While shopping for your motion detectors, you should consider the cost too. Once you determine the coverage area you require, you should check your budget. You can buy used detectors that are fully functional and save money. As long as you inspect the device before buying, a used detector will work well and serve you for a long time.


The factors stated above can guide you when purchasing your motion detector. Carry out enough research in order to choose the device that will work well for your property. Motion detectors are very effective in providing much-needed safety and security for your home or business.